Our Values & Commitment

We are committed to creating competitive advantages that are measurable and sustainable through uniquely developed solutions. Our work is based on advanced customer analytics and statistically innovative techniques that are designed to create value for our clients. We strive to build trust-based relationships with high standards of professional and ethical behavior under all circumstances. We are passionate about the solutions we provide and this is demonstrated in all our client deliverables.

We are governed by the following core values that define our organizational identity and culture:

  • We believe “Strategy is quantifiable if the right methodology and techniques are applied”.
  • We work with client teams in developing the assessment (no “black box“).
  • We do not provide “off-the-shelf” solutions. Every client situation is unique and we will invest time to develop custom strategic and operational solutions for each of our clients.
  • We will not undertake any project where we do not think we can create measurable and sustainable benefits, which far exceed our project fees.
  • We will always hold our independent objectivity. We will not change our analysis or assessment just because our clients ask us to. We will also not hesitate to disagree with clients if the analysis does not prove their point of view.
  • We will continuously strive to expand our knowledge and expertise to serve our clients better. Even if we have solved the same problem before, our intent will be to find faster and more efficient solutions the next time around.
  • We will always demonstrate a very high standard of professional and ethical behavior at all times.
  • We will continuously strive towards creating a “fun environment” at the workplace.

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