Marketing ROI

In today’s complex multichannel marketing environment, the challenge for marketers is to justify the cost of incremental marketing spend, optimally allocate scarce marketing resources and demonstrate financial ROI to senior management and various stakeholders. The challenge with multiple marketing levers is to isolate the impact of each lever while avoiding double (or triple) counting their impact. In addition, some of the levers have a halo effect with short-term as well as longer-term impacts for e.g. brand advertising. Looking only at short-term impacts tends to under-estimate their impact. In addition, marketing mix optimization allows companies to optimize marketing resources to drive incremental sales or allocate resources effectively with budget constraints

Our Marketing ROI services help our clients to:

  • Multichannel attribution to identify impact of different marketing channels without double or triple counting benefits
  • Quantify impact of different marketing levers to understand levers that have an impact versus ones that can be safely discarded
  • Marketing ROI optimization to optimize investment across channels to maximize value given budget or resource constraints
  • Design of Experiments to create marketing test cases and construct data to develop elasticity estimates for different marketing levers
  • Customizable Dashboards and Scenario Analysis tools to evaluate the impact of changing the mix of different levers on revenue and profitability along with the capability to develop custom marketing investment guidelines by quarter.

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