Loyalty Plan Development & Management

Are you interested in developing a new loyalty plan for your business or redesigning your existing loyalty program? We offer comprehensive programs to assess effectiveness of current loyalty programs, develop supporting analytics and plans to revamp existing programs or develop new programs. We can identify areas of opportunity and under-served segments with the loyalty program. We also work within existing loyalty programs to identify sub-segments of customers who look like similar high value loyalty tier customers for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Our Loyalty Plan Development and Management services help our clients to:

  • New Loyalty Plan Development: Often many companies have got stuck with a loyalty plan which is no longer compatible to their emerging needs or is not equipped to manage the challenges on the new digital and competitive landscape. We have helped clients in developing a new loyalty plan or repositioning the existing loyalty plan with required structural changes to meet their business needs
  • Loyalty plan assessment – a comprehensive way to manage and develop a scorecard of an existing loyalty program which not only identifies areas of improvement but also provides guidance on performance thresholds
  • Benchmark loyalty programs –to provide comparison of loyalty programs against competition as well as best practices from cross-industry comparison.
  • Dynamic Customer Segmentation to identify different clusters of customers which forms the basis to identify natural breaks in customer behavior and provides a basis for defining loyalty tiers
  • Predictive analytics to identify impact of different loyalty tiers, thresholds, multipliers on existing customer base and migration/mitigation programs to facilitate implementation
  • Visual dashboards for scenario analyses for evaluating impact of different options with a loyalty program. This capability allows the client to load 30GB or more of their customer data directly into memory to rapidly evaluate the impact of different options

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