Hospitality & Entertainment

Our key projects in the Hospitality & Entertainment industry include:

  • Loyalty Plan Management – New innovative loyalty and marketing programs to enable one-to-one marketing for one of the largest global hospitality companies
  • Customer Lifecycle management – a comprehensive program to cover all life stages of loyalty member –
    • Early tenure (first 30 days, 31 to 180 days)
    • Tenured (6 months to 2 years)
    • Tenured (2 years +)
    • Churn – At risk and Win back stages
  • Engage members – Increase the engagement level of loyalty members by segments – Incliners & Decliners
  • Early high value member identification – Identify customer who have strong potential to become gold or platinum members in first 30 days of their joining the loyalty program (much before they actually do become elite members)
  • Incremental Campaign Productivity – Campaigning and optimizing to generate incremental growth and reduce cannibalization. We believe that the cannibalization of margin is a huge issue in the hospitality industry and a prudent use of marketing analytics can significantly reduce this problem
  • Marketing ROI – Media capital allocation and management
  • Dynamic Performance  Dashboards – Measurement and monitoring of dynamic performance scorecards for multiple platforms (PC, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Business Innovation and Design – New business model and Innovations identifications
  • Digital Strategy – Digital strategy including email marketing and its integration with other channels. This becomes a key part of multi-channel marketing which is a key issue for hospitality and entertainment sector currently

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