Retail & Consumer Products

Retail and consumer products industry has been particularly going through an evolutionary phase with the increase in ecommerce and digital platforms. Our team members have worked with several large scale retail sector clients in helping them managing these changes through advance analytics. Some of the key areas of our expertise in this sector are

  • Channel Optimization – how to identify incremental gain through expansion or consolidation of channels. Our gravitational models have been very accurate in identifying accurate channel combination and thresholds by market/segments
  • Multi-channel effect on marketing – using advance data analytics to identify incremental vs cannibalistic impact of multi-channel marketing – how to identify sum of parts effect without double or triple counting
  • Capital allocation and optimization – managing resources across function and product lines to maximize sales revenue and profit
  • Price elasticity assessment & optimization – Identify price elasticity and optimal thresholds by products and services
  • Market level strategy – Geo and segment level variance and how they impact product or service placement and strategy
  • Loyalty plan Management – developing a new loyalty plan or repositioning an existing loyalty plan to more closely align with its business objective
  • Digital and ecommerce strategy – identify and develop comprehensive digital strategy including email marketing for higher acquisition and retention goals
  • Customer lifecycle management using dynamic segmentation

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