Healthcare industry is going through rapid evolutionary stages of how to use data analytics for better decision making process. It has always been data intensive industry but what is different this time is emphasis on how to use these analytics based capabilities in providing better and more efficient patient care at lower costs. Instead of adhoc data collection or driven by regulatory conditions, the new norms will be how to organize these databased to make better decisions – clinical, operational and financial.

ESS team is helping its healthcare clients in not only successfully navigating though these unchartered territories but also in helping identify innovations which are actionable. Some of the key projects that we are working on this regard are –

  • Predictive analytics for one of the largest health care service providers to better align their staffing requirements with clinical needs. This is expected to not only generate significant cost savings opportunities but also in enhancing the staff morale through more efficient time and workload management. This is probably one of the leading industry applications of predictive analytics from a healthcare service perspective
  • Integrated data for efficient archiving, query and operational use. One of the key outputs of this initiative is to provide and sustain a comprehensive dashboard or performance. This dashboard is used for both operational as well as quality monitoring.
  • Clinical Performance thresholds evaluation and recommendation
  • Pattern Recognitions, Behavior Shift & Healthcare Spend Impact Modeling
  • Remote Patient Monitoring, Tele health, Mobile & Telecom Solution Consulting
  • Workflow Improvement & Productivity Enhancement Analysis
  • Healthcare Opportunity Analysis & Due Diligence

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