Why Us – Key Advantages of Our Approach

  • Unique Industry Experience : We are an industry focused, dedicated group of professionals (not generalists) with a proven track record in creating value for our clients. Sustained presence in telecom, media, entertainment, and gaming sectors (active for 15+ years) has resulted in deep subject matter expertise across multi-client and multi-continent projects.
  • Project Depth and Results Orientation : We provide clear and actionable analytics built on problem solving with rapid results delivery aided by granular mobile projects undertaken from varied perspectives. We leverage a unique proprietary industry/market database used to power customized client recommendations and believe in the delivery of results and not mere presentations (80%+ of our business is from repeat customers).
  • Customer Data Mining : This is one of the key foundations of our methodologies and techniques that we use to support our clients. Companies have more data than ever today; however there is often a disconnect between database investments and the decision making process. By deploying effective data mining techniques and methodologies, we seek to bridge this gap and help bring the data driven insights directly into clients’ decision making processes.
  • Thought Leadership : ESS Analysis is at the forefront in developing insights into critical trends, for example Market Level Strategy and Customer Value Management. Our ongoing development of new methodologies and techniques including implementation support, helps our clients maximize business value.
  • Actionable analytics and insights : We drive all our project goals and analyses from the customers’ perspective. All our analytics innovations are focused on meeting clients’ conditions with strong focus on implementation. We have notable depth of expertise in dynamic segmentation, customer life cycle management, assets and resource optimization, multi-channel marketing and other industry leading topics for effective execution.
  • Integrated Planning : We understand marginal utility of marketing levers and appreciate the dynamic nature of customer and market behavior. This allows us to integrate the upstream and downstream impact of our recommendations so that the required change management is handled as efficiently as possible.  

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