Private Equity & Financial Services

Private equity and financial services firms are one of the biggest users of big data and analytics services. Our solution provide a comprehensive and structured framework to meet the needs of its diverse clients space. Our service offerings are divided by the investment phases of the PE clients –

  • Investment strategy & Opportunity Scan
    • Macro and market level assessment & prediction including global opportunity dashboard
    • Targets identification and prioritization
    • Drivers analysis of growth, key risk factors
  • Acquisition and Due Diligence Phase
    • Target specific predictive analysis and scenarios planning
    • Valuation assessment and key drivers of value creation
    • What if analysis for risk identification
    • Detailed due diligence assessment including – technical, commercial, operational, strategic, value creation and exit
    • Experts opinion and validation
  • Value Creation post transaction
    • Rapid fact based “as –is” analysis – identification of both short and long term opportunities
    • Analytics based Integration of assets – brands, channels, network, infrastructure, sales force (key point here is to generate maximum incremental growth with acquired assets)
    • Operational and marketing transformation – 3, 6 and 12 months plan
    • Performance thresholds and monitoring – rapid dashboard development to create efficient and transparent performance evaluation
    • Innovation identification and management
  • Exit Phase
    • Opportunities scan and identification
    • Pitch and valuation support including synergies assessment and evaluation
    • Vendor due diligence
    • Negotiations and execution support

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